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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Have you ever been so sure you were right...

that even when found out you were wrong you still remembered the facts incorrectly?  That is what happened to me last year while playing Secret Sister with my fellow teachers at The Children's Place.  I had no doubt in my mind that I knew who was my SS.  I was so sure that I purchased a monogrammed note pad and made a special necklace just for the person that I KNEW was my SS.  All to find out at the end of the year luncheon, that I didn't know at all.  I was shocked to find it was someone else.  She said she loved the gifts even though her name began with "T" and the note pad was had a monogram "M".  What a sweet girl.  So I ran home that day and whipped up a little something special for her and here it is.
  I made her a 6 X 6 card that held a special little broach, that I knew she would like.  I used my Tim Holtz Sewing Room die to cut the dress form and those wonderful stamps from Papertrey Ink .  I  absolutely adore dressing up this dress form with papers and jewels.  It's like barbie for grown ups!  Miss "T" seem to like her gift.  She put her broach on her sweater the minute she opened it.

The crazy thing is, when I see some of the cute gifts that I received last year I still think of that wrong person for a moment and then have to remind myself from whom it really came.  Have you ever been that sure about something only to find out your were way off base?  I would love to hear your story. 

Enjoy your long weekend!

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  1. Oh Jamie! I am sure T loved your card! You are such a silly girl. Hopefully you won't get stuck on one person thinking that they might be your S.S! LOL