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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Found Object + Paint + nails = Treasure!

My husband has learned over the last 22 years that I will freak out over the strangest things.  Things he thinks are scraps or trash.  So when we recently installed a new dog door, he didn't even think twice when I screamed and said, "Can I have that piece of the door?!?!"  It usually takes some serious study of the object to figure out what it will be transformed into, but with my pantry to sewing room conversion in full swing, the idea came pretty quickly.

The door was already black and I love the contrast with the taupe walls.  I am an old school kind of craft girl, so I used my computer to print out the text and carbon paper (Yes...I know it is 2013!) to transfer the image.  Painted over the transfer with white paint to get a crisp image of the text.  If you have a Cricut, you could easily cut paper or vinyl to add the wording.

Then marks were measured, nails were hammered and spools were put in place.  And yes, if you were wondering, I am in love with it!

 Have you ever saved something odd and turned it into a treasure?  I would love to hear your story.


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Thursday, July 25, 2013

My new best friend

I'm not sure what her name is yet, but she is a real "doll".

This simple project started with inspiration from Tim Holtz.  His Broken Doll figures caught my attention on Etsy.  It is as if they were made to be pincushions.  The package comes with two dolls.  Which was perfect for me - one to give and one to keep.  

The golden toile that makes her skirt was a piece of a vintage little girl's jumper.  The jumper was worn in several spots and not really befitting a princess, but cut and pieced together it looks good as new.

This last photo is my favorite view of this little lady,  I wish I could pull off a bustle like that!

So, any ideas what her name is?  Help please!


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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dance, but don't forget

Today's post features a sweet little card 
with an image from
Crafty Secrets.  It was a quick and easy 
project that made me smile.  A girl and pup 
dancing through a field. I hope that you have 
all had many summer moments that feel like this.

But while we dance, I think it is important to  take time to remember those who are in the midst of struggles.

Last Friday I took a little day trip to Tulsa, OK.  On my way I passed through Moore.  My family and friends had seen the devastation on News programs, but nothing prepared me for what I saw last week.  Something about driving through the completely rubble filled areas struck me much more than what I had seen on television.  Seeing the people, still going about their lives while the devastation surrounded them was a jarring experience for me.  These people still need our help and I would like to make it nice and easy for anyone is blessed enough to have a little something to share with them.  Below I have listed several links, all of which are still taking donations for the tornado victims in Moore, OK.  Please forward this post to friends and family that may be able to help as well. 

Thanks for letting me tug at your heart strings today,

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I've got the blues!

Not the "sad" kind, but the kind where blue papers and embellishments are my favorite choice for creating.  It has been a little rainy here in North Texas, but that makes for perfect stamping conditions.  This little card includes one of my favorite Hero Arts stamps "Musical Walk".  The other day while shopping at the  local Hobby lobby (No, I didn't buy ANY card making materials) there were several of these in their clearance bin.  So if you like this stamp, a great deal might be in your future.

In addition to some beautiful papers and a favorite stamp this card is filled with many little bits and pieces of vintage trims found at a wonderful little booth at the Antique Gallery.  Pom pom trim lines the bottom, a bow created with scraps of vintage seam binding and a teeny tiny piece of lace provides a sweet little back ground for the framed blue rose.  The mulberry paper flower is from Emma's Paperie. The pearl pins are corsage pins from Michael's.  They are pretty and no where near the price of hand made pins, but the impact is just as lovely.  

Headers are an architectural elements that have always caught my eye.  I even have a "pediment" board on Pintrest.  So when I saw Tim Holtz's new Big Die Pediments it seemed like the perfect die for me.  Tim Holtz has such a wonderful way of designing products that offer eye catching shapes with embossed details.

What color have you been drawn to this summer?

Have a wonderful day!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

A little doll

Hi all!  I am still stamping, but having a little glitch with uploading new photos to BEE.  So it seemed like a perfect time to share a sewing project from this spring.  It started out with a vintage handkerchief  picked up at a local antique mall.  Just a white hankie, with one embroidered corner.  This project was inspired by a Pintrest project that you can find on my  "For my scissors" board.  

 Basic tube construction was used, adding a little pocket on the back. The base is anchored with a large blue button.  Embroidery floss hair and a little shawl (made with the detailed corner of the handkerchief) added some personality. Additional sewing notions help balance her for standing.

The pink polka dot scissors seemed the perfect accessories for this little girl.  This was a such a fun project.  As the mother of two boys, I didn't get to braid hair in the mornings before school, so I have to admit, the hair was one of my favorite elements.

Have you been inspired by a Pintrest project?  I would love to hear about it!

Have a wonderful weekend,

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