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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dance, but don't forget

Today's post features a sweet little card 
with an image from
Crafty Secrets.  It was a quick and easy 
project that made me smile.  A girl and pup 
dancing through a field. I hope that you have 
all had many summer moments that feel like this.

But while we dance, I think it is important to  take time to remember those who are in the midst of struggles.

Last Friday I took a little day trip to Tulsa, OK.  On my way I passed through Moore.  My family and friends had seen the devastation on News programs, but nothing prepared me for what I saw last week.  Something about driving through the completely rubble filled areas struck me much more than what I had seen on television.  Seeing the people, still going about their lives while the devastation surrounded them was a jarring experience for me.  These people still need our help and I would like to make it nice and easy for anyone is blessed enough to have a little something to share with them.  Below I have listed several links, all of which are still taking donations for the tornado victims in Moore, OK.  Please forward this post to friends and family that may be able to help as well. 

Thanks for letting me tug at your heart strings today,

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