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Monday, April 16, 2012

I have a confession to make...

I love Pintrest!  I don't just mean the "Oh!  That's a cool website!" It's a crazy kind of love.  I just want to check back every few minutes to make sure that I haven't missed the next great project, or who knows someone may have just pinned a wonderful recipe (for something that isn't white) with only three ingredients.  What ever my latest interest is I know that I can always find good information and endless ideas about it on Pintrest.  But, I realized something last night...while I have pinned 99 things on my "I have to make this" board, I haven't really been making very much.  So today I decided it was high time I created something new.  I wanted to create something that was inspired by a in on my board.  So this was the inspiration piece.  It was pinned from a cute blog called Thinking Inking , she has tons of really great cards so stop by if you get a chance.

cute card

And here is my card. 

Not exactly the same, but It does share a few similarities.  That's what I love about art.  You may start with a map in your hand, but the route you take to your destination is never quite the one you had planned.  At least in my case.  This little fairy is from Crafty Secrets.  It is a stamp from one of their clear art stamp sets called born to fly.  I have wanted her forever.  I paper pieced her dress and if you look closely you can see the sparkly pink bows on her shoes.  Love that glitter! 

Have you made anything lately?  If not I encourage you to get to work on any little crafty project you have around.  It's good for the soul.

Take care,

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