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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Queen Of Hearts!

I have tried many times during my life to change little (unchangeable) things about myself.  For instance,  I would love to be quiet and sweet  and every once in a while hold my tongue, but hard as I try, I find I am a loud, opinionated girl who likes to speak her mind.  Much like this cute little queen of hearts I purchased on etsy this past week.  Diane Duda has a great collection ACEO cards that work perfectly for embellishing cards and journals like this one.  Her work and other great artwork can be found at http://www.etsy.com/

The caption reads, "Never mind all that, just get
to the part where I loose my temper!"

Isn't she the cutest!  I guess it's okay to be a little bossy sometimes.  Especially if you get to wear red shoes and have a magic wand.  (Both of which I have and use almost daily)  I decided to save this little journal for all of my wonderful valentine ideas, clippings, favorite cards and photos. 

February workshop photos and information will be posted soon!  For now save the date...2/25/11.

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  1. No matter how opinionated you are, you still a good friend and much loved!! Love the journal! I need one to keep my to do lists in! lol marla

  2. Could this be a "I am sorry gift." He! He! Love it! Jamie you are truly amusing and it is great to be opinionated! Wish I could be more like that....Elaine

    p.s. love the aceo!