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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nothing is certain in art, at least in my studio!

Promises, promises.  I should never end a post with next time I will... - It's not that I  don't want to follow through, it's just that for me a plan to make something never ends with that same idea.  Last week I posted the bingo get well card, I said I would be trying some girly stamping with the set and post it when finished.  Well, I sat down and started out with a plan to do just that and this is what I ended up with...
Surprise!  It's not a bingo card, not even a little close.  But I love it just the same!  I crocheted this little eyeglass case to go with it and I am truly in love. 

And so it went that day of stamping, filled with button cards, bows and eyeglass cases.

Those of you who teach preschool know that we always say it is about process, not product and so now I see that is the case for me.  I love to have something in mind as I get started, but the real treat is to see the evolution from the first idea to the finished product.  How about you?  Do you start with a plan and follow it to a tee, or do you wind down a wandering path and see where it leads you?

Would love to hear about your creative process! 

Have a great weekend,

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