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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break, imagine the possibilities!

I woke up yesterday with the wide eyed enthusiasm of a teacher with an entire week off ahead of her, to create what ever she can image.  And boy could I imagine...I planned a little do-it-yourself studio organization project and I commited to imurse myself in creativity by working my way through my list projects from my Saturday morning blog reading session.  By noon I discovered after 5 coats of black spray paint my do-it-yourslef project was going to take a little more time (brush and bucket of paint time) to finish and when I went to print my lovely list of projects collected from blogs that morning I found myself with 35, yes I said 35 pages of projects.  I don't like to be a downer, but this list would be daunting for Martha Stuart!  So I was thrilled to find a few emails requesting the pattern for the crochet glasscases in my last post.  I'm not giving up on my lists and project, but it was nice to have a distraction for a little bit.  I usually just crochet as I go and don't tend to write down patterns.  Which can be tricky when I love something I made and I want to make it again.  Ugh!  I started a new case yesterday and acctually wrote the pattern as I worked. (Clap for yourself Miss Jamie) If you are some kind of crochet expert, I am going to ask you to look away now - I have never written a pattern and this might be a little scary for those who are pros, never the less here it is.

1 ball of cotton yarn (I use "I love this yarn", it's super soft)
crochet hook: the one I used says USI9, 5.5MM (I have no idea what this means, it is just the hook that I had that best fit the yarn I used - see why I asked the pros to look away?  They would be in tears right now!)

Chain 12

Round 1: Beginning in the second chain from the end, single crochet in the next 10 stitches,  In the last stitch work 3 single crochet.  Work 1 single crochet in the back loop of the oringinal 8 chain stitches.  Work 2 single crochet in back of last chain. 

Now you should be back at the first single crochet.

The following rounds just continue in a spiral adding length to the case.

Round 2 - ? :  single crochet in each stitch until you have the case about 1" shorter that you would like the finished product to be, I usually have a pair of glasses handy so that I can measure.

Round ? - ? : Chain 2 then double crochet in each stitch all the way around.

Finish off with 2 rounds of single crochet.  Tie off and weave ends through.

I would love to know if anyone out there can follow this.

Picture for reference

I have had some requests for a basic crochet workshop - I would love to hear from you if you are interested.  If I have enough to participate I will add it to the calendar.

Enjoy your break - and learn from an expert...don't make your fun list to long!!

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