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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh What a Week!

I definitely try not to wish my life away...but I am really ready for tomorrow.  This has been the busiest week of the year by far here at the McCormick household.  Bodine has been in Destin, FL. on his annual golf trip, so with one less driver, a few very poorly planned doctor visits and the opportunity to sub on Thursday I am really glad that the weekend has arrived.  I was busy today catching up around the house after the crazy week, but wanted to share a  project with you before the glorious day of rest I have planned for tomorrow.

This little card is one I made for my son Jacob.  He is away at Tyler Jr. College right now.  I have to say the transition to college has been pretty smooth for us.  Bodine and I were just so excited for Jacob and all that his future holds that we didn't have a lot of drama surrounding his leaving.  Aside from the occasional call that goes, "I don't know what happened!  I had money in my account and then a few days later I didn't!" (which I understand is pretty common)  everything was great until last week.  Jacob called from the TJC nurses office - he's a boy so that should explain the next part - he was sick, he didn't know what he had, they gave him a prescription, for what?  He didn't know.  For me Tyler suddenly felt 100,000 miles away.  Don't get me wrong, those of you who know me know that I am not the kind of mom that lets her children lay their head in her lap while I dab it with a cool rag.   But,  I just wanted him to be sick here, in his own bed, where I could at least check in every so often.  Anyway, I made it through the first bump in the road and he did too.  He is busily planning his spring break trip and feels back to his old self.   Masculine is really not my area of expertise, but I think I like how it turned out. 

This is the inside, I wrapped the ribbon around the inside of the card so that I had a little spot to stash some cash and a gift card.

I really love this new Bingo Alphabet set from CTMH.  It comes with a ton of stamps A-Z letters, numbers 0-9, a heart, star, circle and "free" to mark the center, and the grid.  I almost forgot it comes with a cute little flourish too.  I will include a pic of the set in my next post. I plan to spend some of my day off tomorrow stamping.  I am going to use this set with some very girly papers.  I am hoping to be amazed by the versatility of this stamp set.

Toodles for now!

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