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Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's been a little while since my last post...

But it has been CRAZY busy around the McCormick house.  First of all I have been thrilled to use all of my free summer vacation time to try out some projects from Jack's Pintrest boards.
I started with this great milk can project from 
his "Front Porch" board.

Pinned Image

It took quite a bit of hunting and a fair amount of haggling, but I was able to find a milk can locally.  I deserve a huge slap on the wrists for not getting a before picture, but if you close your eyes and picture a tomato red milk can with sunflowers measuring about 5" in diameter painted all around the sides, you have a good idea of where I started.  Oh, and I can't forget the white polka dots in puffy dimensional paint.  It was quite a site!

Now open your eyes and see my new black address milk can.

(Yikes - my photo looks so bad next to that one above.  I have to work on that!)

The project went pretty much as expected.  The original paint was pretty thick, so it needed some sanding before paint.  The paint used was Krylon high gloss black (2 cans).  Painting the address was a little more tricky, I tried to use stencils but didn't really get a good smooth image like I wanted.  I look everywhere for vinyl numbers but couldn't find white in a font that I liked.  Finally the numbers were ordered from Do it yourself lettering . The shipping was the same amount as the numbers, but it was worth it to me.  I really love the finished project.

Now for news on another big event around here...


We have a new baby around the house.  His name is Jim and he is keeping us really busy!  He bounces from one activity to another - bones, balls, tug of war, and eating anything he can fit in his mouth (as well as somethings he can't)  We are having fun, but when it's time for this we are all a little thankful.

Speaking of sleeping - he is snoring away right now so I think I am off to get a little lunch in peace.  Check back often to see more Jack's Pintrest projects come to life, and if you are interested I am linking up at a Pintrest linky party at

Have a great week,


  1. What a great idea! Thank you so much for linking up to our Pinterest Challenge! You have been chosen as one of the featured projects. Come over and check it out.


  2. What size are the numbers that you ordered?
    Thank you!