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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fall Felting

It's feeling a little like fall here in North Texas!  That means a cool 84 degrees.  Ha ha!  Since it is starting to cool off a little I decided to take the opportunity to show you a little fall project I just finished this afternoon.  I pinned a cute little felted pumpkin a couple of months ago and titled it "I am totally learning to do this!".  And I did! I ordered this kit and started working on it last week.  It is a great kit for beginners, including everything you need to make the little pumpkin.  Instructions were super clear and easy to follow.   I was squealing with delight within a few minutes.  It was like making a felt sculpture.  

I started with this...

followed the directions and ended up with this...

I had so much fun I decided to try a jack-o-lantern.

Really it's more of a jill-o-lantern after I added the bow to the hat I decided she needed to be a girl.  Then the eyelashes were the next natural step.  She is sitting on a vintage spool painted black and distress.  My original intention was that she would be a little more primitive than cute, but as with most of my art projects, she kind of took on a life of her own once I had started.  I'm going to give the prim look another try so check back soon to see a few more pumpkins.

If you are interested in felting I encourage you to try this little kit.  It was really a fun way to try a new craft.


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