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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Have you made anything good lately?

     That was the question a friend asked, when I bumped into her in December.  My answer was not really.  But when I got home I realized that I hadn't made anything with paper in awhile, but I had been feeding my pin cushion addiction with crochet and sewing.  Over the next few weeks I will be sharing them here at BEE.  Even if you don't have a practical use for a pin cushion, these fun designs make a perfect accessory to many rooms of the house.

The pin cushions pictured below is my first attempt.  This one recycled an old quilted toile pillow sham for fabric, an antique dog figurine, and a few beads added to pearl top corsage pins.  I will put together a tutorial for this style pin cushion as it has been my favorite to make so far, and you will see them in future posts, but for now it is simply two circles; sew around the perimeter, turn, stuff, close and embellish.  Easy peasy.
The next one is a crochet project.  I found it on Pintrest...of course!  The pattern can be found at Hooked on Needles .  I appreciate her giving us such a cute pattern to use. Check it out if you crochet.  It is easy and super fast.  The pins on this one are a little more difficult to see, but they are also pearl top corsage pins with small green flower beads under the pearl.
 Lastly, I want to share a no sew pin cushions.  Also found the idea and instructions on pintrest, but the assembly is pretty straight forward.  I took the disk portion of a canning jar lid and glued batting to the top.  Covered it with fabric and then slid the ring over the top.  I didn't use glue,  it fit pretty snug once I got it in place, but if you wanted to you could glue the disk into the ring.  A little leftover lace trim finished the lid out perfectly.   Next I added a few little treasures; vintage thimble, vintage rhinestone clover pin, and a crinkled seam binding bow.  It is kind of difficult to see, but there is a little needle threader hanging below the thimble.
Accessorizing these little creations is my favorite part. 
So, have you made anything good lately?  I look forward to hearing about it!
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