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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day two! I passed a major test today

I'm back and very excited!  You might be thinking that I am excited about keeping up with my own challenge, but that's not it!  Once I commit to something it's pretty easy for me to stick with the routine.  I will share my triumph later, but first  today's card...

To keep things nice and easy, this card uses the same papers, inks and stamps as the card that was featured yesterday.  It is a pretty basic layout, there was a bow on the spine, but after some thought, it needed to go.  I often tell my young art students that one of the most difficult parts of being an artist is knowing when to stop.  My process involves leaving my projects visible on a side table while tidying my work space or working on my next creation.  This allows me to review the composition, colors, and elements used and decide if the project is really finished.  Sometimes things need to be added, sometimes things need to be taken away.  Sometimes it's just right.

What's your process?

  The inside is just as straight forward as the front, two rectangles - two quick stamps and done.

Now the story of my harrowing trip to Jo Ann.   All of the card making around here the last two days has left me in need of some adhesive.  Easy enough, right?  Wrong.  If I haven't introduced myself let me do so now, "Hi, my name is Jamie, and I'm addicted to paper."    Do you know what is just around the corner from the glue at Jo Ann?   Yep!  You guessed it, PAPER.  Loads and loads of beautiful paper.  My heart was beating pretty fast, but I looked down and headed for the cashier.  Before I knew it, I was leaving the store with only glue.  Granted it was the second day of my own "Use what you have" challenge - so my hands weren't shaky yet, but it was pretty huge for me.

What is your favorite crafting supply?  

Toodles,  Jamie

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