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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Basic Paper Crafting Tool Kit

Hi All!  As promised this is a list of the essentials you need to have to complete your project and a few extra tools that make my all time favorite list.  If you have any trouble putting this together just give me a holler, I will be happy to help.

Tool Kit
Scissors (love my CTMH micro tip scissors, also a big fan of the fiscars no stick craft scissors.)


Paper trimmer  I use my Fiscars Euro trimmer.  Small enough to be portable, but large enough to cut 12" sheets.

Bone Folder

Adhesive Many of you know of my long running love affair with tombow, so you might be surprised to hear that I have made a little switch.  I was noticing that here and there my tombow projects were separating.  I blamed several different things - humidity, rain, I applied it too quickly, I didn't apply enough - what ever the reason was I decided to jump ship in January and try a new adhesive. 
Here it is...

Glue Arts "Glue Glider Pro"  I have to admit, it seemed very giant at first, but I am loving it.  The bond is great!  The best part for me has been the amount of adhesive in one cartridge.  I used to change tombow refills all the time, but not with this!  Bring what you love to use but if you are looking for something new, I highly recommend this product.

Glue dots   In addition to your regular adhesive it is always a good idea to have some sticky glue dots in you bag.  They are very handy for buttons, jewels and even holding ribbon in place.

Pop dots  Foam squares or circles or scraps with adhesive on each side.

Piercing tool  This tool can easily be replaced by a large needle, I use it at least once on every project.  I will say that CTMH makes a great one with a wood handle if you are in the market.  I think it even comes with a self healing mat now.


Nail file/Sandpaper  Great for smoothing out paper covered chipboard edges and distressing all sorts of papers and cardstock.

      sponge daubers and favorite color of distressing ink  In the bee workshops ink distressing will be optional.  If you love love love to ink distress please bring supplies for this technique.  I hate to sound like a broken record, but if you are in the market for some good distressing ink pads CTMH makes a great pair - you get brown and black in the set.  The pads are about 1" square and are the best for straight to paper application.

As I have always said in the past..."don't run right out and purchase any of these things if you are not sure paper crafting is for you."  I will have some extras with me and we are a very generous group as far as sharing goes.  If and when you decide to purchase I highly recommend checking the hobby lobby website for coupons, they frequently offer 40% off one item.  Michael's has a great online coupon program and always has a 40% off in the batch, just sign up on their web site and they send the coupons weekly.  If you need CTMH products I can order them for you.  I have a new catalog that starts in February.  They are $2.50 each if you are interested in having one just let me know.

Well!  I'm out of breath, this is a really long post and it doesn't have any pretty artwork!  Yikes!  I will work on that later this week.  I'll send out some valentine inspiration soon!

Have a great Tuesday night!


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