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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Decoupage! Decoupage! Decoupage?

Happy Sunday everyone! 

I have a busy day ahead of me because I spent yesterday, using mod podge and paper on most of the rocks in my back yard.  So I am a little behind on things around the house.  But I did want to take a sec show you how much fun I had.  Before I show you my lovely rocks I have to share a funny story from preschool this week.  Teachers at the children's place please bear with me,  I know you have heard this before, but it's just so darn cute, I have to tell the story one last time.

This week in preschool art classes I introduce the children to the art of decoupage.  As budget for supplies is always a concern I "borrowed" 75 rocks from Bodine's rock garden in the back yard and gave the children an assortment of papers and shapes to adhere to the rocks.  When I introduce new vocabulary to the children, I like to use the words frequently while they are working so that they retain them.  Example..."This is decoupage.  When you use a gluing medium to attach papers to an object it is called decoupage."  "Look at you!  You are doing decoupage!"  and so it continues.  Wednesday I was in my usual teaching mode using the term "decoupage" 30 times in the first five minutes and then I ask, "Do you like decoupage?"  and the response was, "Decoupage? What is decoupage?"    Don't you love it?

So as happens many times after working on a project at preschool I was inspired to try my own decoupage rock projects.

First is one of a little landscape.  I knew I wanted to do a little house, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the rock had a little crack the worked perfectly as the horizon.

Second is one with the little triangle banners that are all the rage right now.  "Celebrate" is a rub on.  It is simple, but I like it.

Lastly, I made this one for Bodine (only fair because they are his rocks)  I think I might save it for Valentine's Day.  Good thing he doesn't read my blog!

I learned so much while making these.  Just a few tips if you decide to try your own.  If you want to stamp something on the paper you are putting on your rock, and you are using a water base ink, Stamp the papers before you add them to you the rock.  Heat set the ink before covering with mod podge.  If you are going to print words on you ink jet printer as I did for "love lives here",  heat set that ink as well.  My heart ran a little.  To avoid any of that trouble just use rub ons instead of rubber stamps on the rocks and papers.  The slick surface that is left when the mod podge dries can be a little dicey with inks and stamps, but works perfectly with rub ons.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Have a great week.

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