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Monday, July 25, 2011

Mixed Media...Mixed Emotions

I love paper!  Probably a little more that I should, but it just calls me.  So when I started this mixed media canvas for my Great Niece Macy, of course I started with papers.  I painstakingly scoured my collection of papers for hours to find just the right patterns and textures for this project.  I painted the canvas background and then began decoupaging the paper.  Making sure each design was placed in just he right spot.  Then as with any mixed media project I began layering with paint, pieced paper images, glitter and embellishments.  I was pleased with the end result, but something was bothering me, the papers I had so carefully chosen, were not the prominent fixture in the piece I thought they would be.  Then it came to me, if you look closely you can see the pink roses, green gingham and vintage labels that provide the backdrop for the Princess Bear.   I now realize  they are a hidden treasure in the artwork.  Which makes me very happy. 

Here is Macy - On Christmas morning with her sweet mom and dad (Lainey and Eric). 

Happy Birthday Macy!

Thanks for stopping by to look at what's been happening around here!  Have a great week! 

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  1. Very cute! You wonder how I come up with a pattern for rugs and here you are making a very cute design/ pattern with paper!

    ps my nick name is Lainey. : )