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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gift Card in a Box

Good Saturday afternoon everyone.  Today I want to show a little project that I came up with this summer.  I love to give gift cards to friends for birthdays.  I know it's kind of boring, but this way I know they get something they really want.  I came up with a fancy little gift card box to add some pizazz to an other wise pretty uncreative gift.  The entire box was assembled with paper and chip board, so as for the base of the box nothing outside of the normal craft room supplies needed.

This is the top of the box.  Embellished with some of my favorite goodies.  Resin Crown by Melissa Francis, cute seam binding ribbon and a great felt flower I made using a flower die from My Favorite Things, it cuts felt like a dream.

Next I am showing a picture of the top of the box with the card open.  I assembled the box so that the card was just a flap on top on the lid.  Nice and tidy, all one piece.

This photo shows the inside of the box,  sorry for the reflection.  I loved having the rhinestones as part of the hinge, but they made photo taking tricky.  The gift card sits in the bottom of the box (on top of the blue ribbon).  The tail of the ribbon is visible and with a slight pull it helps the card pop out of the bottom with ease.

Lastly, my box all dolled up and ready to give.  I am crazy obsessed with Cellophane bags.  They really add to the presentation of any gift. 

That's it for me today...I have a long list of chores to accomplish this weekend - fortunately I added "make something good" in several different spots on the list (wink).  So I should have more to share at the beginning of the week.

Thanks for making me a part of your weekend!

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