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Monday, August 1, 2011

Banners & Silhouettes, I'm hooked!

I am in love, love, love with the silhouette stamps that I see these days.  If it features children add one more love to that statement.  Here I combined the banners, children's silhouette stamps, and a favorite new find of mine...digital images by Iralamija.  Each banner is made with a different digital image I purchased from her  Etsy shop.  (Click the name above to go to her shop)

I have been a little leery of digital images in the past but really couldn't find any shabby chic style papers at local craft stores.  So I took a chance and bought a few.  Then I went back and bought a few more.  No waiting on that stinky old UPS man either, she emails them to you within 24 hours of your purchase.  They print out beautifully, you can resize them and print them as much as you like!  You can let go now, you don't have to hoard papers for fear you "will want another piece of that beautiful sheet music with the roses behind it" and not be able to find it.  It is on your computer!  Can you hear the angels singing?

I enjoyed making this card so much I decided to keep the blueprint and enlarge it a bit to make a cover for my lesson plan binder.

Yes!  Those scrabble tiles are some of the images she has available.  Is your heart leaping with joy?  I printed mine on regular copy paper, cut out, glued them to chip board squares and distressed the edges a little.  I can't wait to do lesson plans now.  If you plan to make a project with dimension for a binder cover I suggest making it about 1/2" to 1" smaller than the size of the opening.  That way there is enough room in the plastic sleeve for anything extra thick.

I hope your week is off to a good start!

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  1. LOVE these! wow! AMAZING job! love those little banners ! I will check again to see your creations! thanks for sharing!! :)

    Beatriz Jennings